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and women he's seeking to command, but he chose to criticize president obama instead of even uttering the word afghanistan. >> naral president nancy keenan and pay equity activist lily ledbetter warned of what a president romney would mean for women. >> we cannot trust mitt romney to protect our health. we cannot trust mitt romney to respect our rights. >> women still earn just 77 cents for every dollar men make. maybe 23 cents doesn't sound like a lot to someone with a swiss bank account, a cayman island investment. >> but perhaps the most surprising and effective indictment came from the first lady herself. while republicans dragged a chair onstage to conjure up an invisible president obama, michelle obama critiqued governor romney without mentioning his name, drawing sharp contrasts with her husband and creating a profile in negatives. >> barack's success isn't about how much money you make. it's about the difference you make in people's lives. we learned about honesty and integrity, that the truth matters, that you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules. he's the sa
. other polls out show president obama and romney locked in a tight fight. according to the nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll, president obama has a slight lead in nevada and north carolina but basically within the margin of error. and in virginia, a new poll from suffolk university/nbc 12 puts obama slightly ahead of romney, also within the margin of error. so, how can romney turn it around? it may not be easy. some people within this romney campaign have concluded he's not actually a very good politician. here's what one romney official explained to politico. he said -- now romney's former rival newt gingrich doesn't go quite that far, but he says that romney needs to reform his thinking. >> i think they're only now beginning to come to grips with the general election. they had a very -- >> scary -- >> they had a very successful primary strategy. in a primary you can raise enough money to build a motor boat and drive to where you want to get to in the primary. in the general election you're like a sail boat. the system is so much bigger than you. >> it is hard to go from a
>>> hello, from charlotte, north carolina. where president obama is scheduled to accept his party's nomination in a few hours. provided bill clinton is done using the microphone. in fact, he may still be speaking. it's thursday, september 6th, and this is "now." >>> joining me today, the man who helped bring the word game change into common parlance. msnbc political analyst and national affairs editor for "new york" magazine john heilman. "world news america's" patty kay. msnbc contributor, sam stein of the "huffington post" and mark leibovich making his debut from "the new york times" magazine. >> warming up. >> how do you give a 48 minute deeply wonky highly technical policy address that also happens to be must-see tv right down to the last second? the answer, america, is bill clinton. the romney campaign believes it will win if they make this campaign about the economy and the former president took that as a challenge. he made a passionate pitch for what president obama has done to save the economy. >> here it is. he inherited a deeply damaged economy. he put a floor under the
. president obama is minutes away from addressing the clinton global initiative. it's been a busy morning for both filled with speeches and media appearances in and around new york city. mitt romney spoke to the clinton global initiative and sat down with education nation. president obama spoke to the u.n. general assembly, follow that, abc aired an interview he and the first lady taped for "the view." the meeting of the united nations general assembly has put foreign policy front and center. president obama used the ait tack on the u.s. consulate in libya and the death on ambassador stevens to make the case for a broader philosophy regarding the future of the relations between the middle east and the west. >> the events of the last two weeks also speaks to the need for all of us to honestly address the tensions between the west and the arab world that is moving towards democracy. >> while he made clear that the video that sparked the violence was not reflective of american values the president defended the u.s. response and underscored that free speech is essential to prosperity and to p
're going to bring it to them. >> meanwhile, president obama is gearing up for his convention with a four-day swing state route, one that included iowa and colorado this weekend. today, he holds a rally in ohio, then will tour hurricane damage in louisiana before heading to virginia tomorrow. the president is portraying governor romney as a monday morning quarterback, able to lob criticism but with no experience, skills or a playbook of his own. >> there was a lot of talk about hard truths and bold choices but the interesting thing was, nobody ever bothered to tell us what they were. and when governor romney finally had a chance to reveal the secret sauce, he did not offer a single new idea. >> the "wall street journal" editorial board summed up how short on detail romney's speech actually was, writing quote, energy got one sentence, education scored big with two, neil armstrong received almost as much speech time as what mr. romney would do specifically to spur faster growth and raise middle class incomes. so overall, how did it play? did romney pick up the vaunted big mo heading into th
times" magazine editor hugo lindgren whose cover story is titled "way to go ohio" about president obama's role in the infamous auto bailout. and publisher of "u.s. news and world report" and "new york daily news" mort zuckerman. it is 1980 all over again. that is if you ask the romney/ryan ticket. vp candidate paul ryan is reviving this famous line from the final reagan/carter debates. >> it might be well if you would ask yourself are you better off than you were four years ago? >> here is congressman ryan's take. >> i would ask the 23 million people today in america who are struggling to find work if they feel like they're better off. we're not better off than we were four years ago. >> every president since the great depression who asked americans to send them into a second term could say that you were better off today than you were four years ago except for jimmy carter and for president barack obama. >> we're not better off. we're worse off. >> today, the romney campaign is pushing the reagan strategy one step further by holding a we can do better press conference in charlotte. but
and ryan grim, making his debut the washington bureau chief for "the huffington post." president obama has emerged from the conventions with a slight edge. a gallup poll shows president obama with a five point need nationally up on governor romney. that is not the real story. no matter how tight the popular vote remains it's the lec it torl college and ten swing states that will decide this election. right now the power ten are ohio, florida, north carolina, virginia, new hampshire, colorado, nevada, iowa, wisconsin, and michigan. memorize those states. they make up a whopping 126 electoral votes. given this, it's perhaps totally not that surprising at all that president obama has been campaigning in new hampshire, iowa and florida since friday. in the same period, governor romney has hit iowa, new hampshire, virginia and travels to ohio today. as a backgrounder, in 2008, president obama won all of these states in contention. this year, polling in key tossup states is making the romney campaign very, very nervous, especially in ohio. leading up to the conventions, president obama held a si
ghee. the friday surprise. for years ago, the morning after president obama's dnc speech in denver, the mccain campaign aimed to step on the coverage by announcing a little-known governor from alaska as his running mate. this morning, the distraction from the president's pitch for re-election comes from the labor department, which reported the economy added less than 100,000 jobs in august. the unemployment rate ticked down to 8.1%, but mostly because workers gave up looking for jobs. president obama will respond to that report later in this half hour. but last night, he updated his signature brand of hope and change by giving credit to the voters who sent him to office, asking them to enlist once again. >> my fellow citizens, you were the change. you're the reason there's a little girl with a heart disorder in phoenix who will get the surgery she needs because an insurance company can't limit her coverage. you did that. why selfless soldiers won't be kicked out of the military because of who they are or who they love. if you turn away now, if you buy into the cynicism that the change we f
>>> president obama is talking about change and mitt romney is talking about clouds. as friday, september 21st, this is "now." >>> joining me today, on this friday, senior national correspondent for bloomberg business week, josh greene, author and columnist jay mcinnearry, politico reporter, the instrep pid maggie haberman and buzz feed's michael hastings. there are 46 days until the presidential election and the volley between the campaigns is at a rapid fire pace. president obama just spoke to seniors at the aarp taking a veiled shot at governor romney's 47% comments and suggesting medicare and social security benefits don't make you dependent on the government. >> given the conversations that have been out there in the political arena lately, i want to emphasize, medicare and social security are not handouts. you've paid into these programs your whole lives. you've earned them. >> this afternoon, paul ryan will speak to the very same audience. according to his prepared remarks ryan is expected to frame his argument around repealing the affordable care act saying, quote, in o
illiciting any specifics or the ones he has mentioned are basically the same as president obama if we're talking about red lines and so forth, martin made the important point when you look at brass tacks and what the president has done when you look at counter terrorism he has been as aggressive as bush/cheney. >> more so. >> this is one of those cases where the partisan label is all that matters. if president obama were a republican, they would be thrilled to have him on foreign affairs. >> right. >> no question. they couldn't imagine a better president in their dreams than he's been and that's in part why he's taken the mantle away from the republicans in terms of the earn that americans most trust when it comes to foreign policy. that said, i agree with a lot of what's been said, i think this is a wild card for both camps and in that regard it's too early to say who it's going to benefit. if it continues to get worse, it provides an opportunity for romney who desperately needs an opportunity of any kind to change the conversation and to change the public perception. can he do it? d
the nation. this morning, president obama visited the memorial at the pentagon to speak about the legacy of september 11th. >> 11 years ago memorial services were held for americans of different races and creeds, backgrounds and beliefs, and yet, instead of turning us against each other, tragedy has brought us together. i've always said that our fight is with al qaeda and its affiliates, not with islam or any other religion. this country was built as a beacon of freedom and tolerance. that's what's made us strong. now, and forever. when the history books are written, the true legacy of 9/11 will not be one of fear or hate or division. it will be a safer world, a stronger nation, and a people more united than ever before. >> today, yards away from where the trade cen once stood the freedom tower is nearly complete. its importance has far less to do with architecture than symbolism. proof that a city and country can rebuild and return to the heights it once conquered. speaking in shanksville, pennsylvania, vice president biden reminded the nation as we move forward we do so remembering the
an advantage president obama held in ohio in three polls last week, worth noting the president has a lead that is outside the margin of error. for governor romney, time that cruel, cruel mistress is slipping away. early voting begins in ohio next tuesday. can he win without the state? if history is any judge no republican in history has won without ohio. according to the latest nbc news battleground map the president is expected to get 243 electoral votes to romney's 191. with eight tossup states. obama win in ohio with its 18 electoral votes would put him at 261 electoral votes, that is just nine away from winning re-election. surprising exactly no one ohio has been a top focus for candidates. while governor romney logged 17 trips to the state this election cycle president obama is making his 13th visit this year alone. earlier this month the democratic ticket made clear just how much ohio means to them. >> if we win ohio, we win the election. >> if we win toledo, we will win ohio. and if we win ohio we'll win this election. >> john heilemann, there has been no shortage of love for the s
by fists. apply those to politics and americans overwhelming believe president obama would deliver a knockout. according to a new poll by yahoo! news and "esquire" nearly three had in five americans say the president would win the a fistfight with governor mitt romney. the presidential debates are the closest we will probably come to an actual boxing match but this week blow for blow mitt romney took more hits. secured by top reasons for being too vague in his policies a list of conservatives cyst criticizing him for his libyan comments include -- peggy noonan, mark salter and 2008 mccain senior adviser steve schmidt. governor romney defended his decision to speak out on libya saying his position was no different than the president's. >> by the way, what i said was exactly the same thing the white house reached, which was that the statement was inappropriate and why they backed away from it as well. >> in the same interview with abc, romney tried to stake out a position on iran by planting a flag right next to president obama. >> president obama said exactly the same thing. he said
income. president obama's campaign is already bringing romney's taxes back to the forefront releasing this ad in ohio today. >> mitt romney attacked 47% of americans who pay no income tax including veterans, elderly, the disabled. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? mitt romney paid just 14.1% in taxes last year. he keeps millions in bermuda and the cayman islands, won't release his tax returns before 2010. maybe instead of attacking others on taxes, be romney should come clean on his. >> and this weekend the president made sure to highlight what is by now quite obvious to most americans namely that mitt romney is not strapped for cash. >> and i want to keep your taxes low. but i can afford to pay a little more and mitt romney sure can afford to pay a little bit more. >> meanwhile, the 2011 returns show romney actually paid more than he needed to. romney listed a little over $4 million in charitable donations but only claimed a deduction for $2.25 million. if he had taken the full deduction citizens for tax justice calcu
. this is not about process. this is about policy. david brooks writes romney criticized president obama for dividing the nation, divided the nation into two groups the makers. romney's comments reveal he has lost any sense of the social compact. sort of the fund mentalals of role of government in life. >> it's funny where he wants to talk about policy where we haven't gotten a single lick of -- >> this is the pivot, sfloob pivot into armageddon. but it's like, no, the obama people have been hitting him r months and months. he wants to talk about policy. that wouldn't be a terrible idea for him right now to sort of shut down the -- we seem to be having a nightly 10:15 press conference with mitt romney. he's entering the letter zone. >> working on a hawaiian time zone. i thought this was a really notable comment made by joe scarborough regarding how other people in the conservative party in the gop have treated the notion of sort of the haves and the have nots. this is joe scarborough talking about his time with jeb bush. take a listen to that. >> i was in rooms with jeb bush when he was governor an
the tragedy to criticize the president's foreign policy agenda. >> i think president obama has demonstrated a lack of clarifity to a foreign policy. my foreign policy has three branches. >> the only spesty we have is a repeated mantra regarding confidence, clarity and resolve. it is worth noting that if this latest line of attack is aimed at winning romney undecided voters the international stage is not one where he has thus far proven himself to be the greatest actor. previous performances have included calling russia our number one geopolitical foe, alienating much of the united kingdom during the olympics in london, undermining sensitive bilateral negotiations over chinese dissident and failing to mention the war in afghanistan during his convention speech. john heilemann, i turn to you first on this. i think a lot of us were sort of taken aback at the back and forth between the romney campaign and i guess the white house, more specifically as far as the romney campaign and how they've handled this, it seems to be moves that are nakedly political and i think to some degree sort of shocki
, politico senior political reporter lois romano and bloomberg editor, josh tyrangiel. president obama and governor romney are chasing each other's shadows. for the second day in a row conditions are scheduled to have dueling rallies in the same swing state. today's rallies each in virginia. the president is running a little bit late. president obama's campaign responding to romney's new straight to camera ad with one of its own a two-minute living room pitch airing in seven states. >> during the last weeks of the campaign, there will be debates, speeches, and more ads. but if i could sit down with you, in your living room or around the kitchen table, here's what i'd say -- when i took office we were losing nearly 800,000 jobs a month and mired in iraq. today i believe that as a nation we are moving forward again. >> yesterday in ohio, governor romney also seemed to be in a duel with himself. morning rally he condemned the affordable care act as government invasion. >> he also thinks that the government can do a better job than you in the way you live your life and obama care is point
president obama. and senator dick lugar said, quote, i'm not going to make any comment about the political. none. longtime mccain adviser mark salter wrote, the rush by republicans, including mitt romney, sarah palin and scores of other conservative critics -- to condemn president obama for policies they claim helped precipitate the attacks, is as tortured in its reasoning as it is unseemly in its timing. this was the "wall street journal"'s peggy noonan. >> romney looked weak today, i'm absorbing it myself. one point he had a certain slight grimace on his face taking tough questions from the reporters and i thought he looks like richard nixon. >> but as the dust settles, gop pundits and commentators are today trying to brush past the nakedly political aspects of romney's criticism and instead turn the dialogue towards a broader criticism of the president's foreign policy plan. >> they were testing us with the initial attacks and we -- what did they get back from the obama administration? a complaint about -- about -- about film that insulted the little darlings feelings. >> the leader def
in making this point and the point we're trying to make here is under the obama economy, government dependency is and economic stagnation is up. >> you think governor romney regrets saying what he did? >> i think he would have said it differently, that's for sure. the point still stands. >> despite an insistence by his strategist it's still sunny in romney land it doesn't seem to be a good day when you've insulted half the country and your running mate calling your comments inarticulate. casey hunt you have been in romney land, embedded in romney land. >> so to speak. >> what is going on in romney land? this is a bad week that has lasted for almost two months. and yet, a sense of defiance coming from boston. tell us what is going on inside? >> once it came out the sense was really, okay, well, we have to embrace these remarks. we can't run away from them. that's why you've seen over the last couple days him trying to make this argument that no, while i might have made those comments differently, i didn't misspeak and i was talking about this great divide between on ideology, on who
-state senator barack obama talking about redistribution. >> i think the trick is figuring out how to destruction tur government systems that pool resources and, hence, facilitate summary distribution, because i actually believe in redistribution, at least at a certain level, to make sure that everybody's got a shot. >> now, romney says those old remarks prove the president believes in government more than the private sector. >> this idea of redistribution follows from the idea that if you have a business you didn't build it. someone else did that. he said he believes in redistribution. all right. there are people who believe that you can create a stronger economy and a brighter future if you take from some people and give to other people. now this -- >> on a campaign conference call, rnc chairman rance priebus called the comments, quote, outrageous. a new memo from the campaign says, president obama's vision for america is a government-centered society, where government grows bigger. team obama says, however, that the real issue is who all this redistribution benefits. >> if you want to talk abo
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